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Re: Can't reboot, shutdown, or init 3 [help]

Am So, den 03.04.2005 schrieb Arthur Pemberton um 21:54:

> I really need some advice, my mysql tables have been deleted during the 
> break in, and somehow, my backup system seemed to have had a flaw in it 
> which only made me think my tables were being dumped.
> I need to know how I can go about recovering my mysql tables.

I summarize: the intruder erased your MySQL tables and your backup holds
nothing but flat, empty "backup" files? How do you think we could give
you back your data? Sorry, I fear you have lost them completely. An
initial MySQL mysql table will be created if you start with a new MySQL
server installed on Fedora while starting the server the first time.
Maybe you speak about that table.


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