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SpamAssassin acting as a filter for /another/ mail server.

Hello list.

I am happily running spamassassin, clamav, MIMEDefang, sendmail, dovecot
on FC2 as my personal mail server.  Works fantastically in nailing spam
and viruses.

I want to set up the same box, except would like it to do the following:
forward all legitimate mail to a box on the LAN, and forward all SPAM,
viruses to the same box but to SPAM domain com   I'm sure this is an
easy thing to do, but I'm not sure /where/ to do it.  Do I configure
this forwarding in sendmail or MIMEDefang?  So basically the box would
act as a filter.

I've searched Google for some time and couldn't really find a good
article on how to do this--does anyone have a link they could send me?

With so much spam out there, building an open source box like this is
awesome in that there is no cost.

Thanks again,


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