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kernel panic ; how to remove/disable /fix ohci1394

sorry for the previous html mail,

Note -- this was a 2.6.10 kernel

I am getting kernel panic when ohci1394 loads.  How can I disable it via
recovery command line.

As history, I was playing with Kino yesterday and did a few things to get
video export back to the handicam to work.  It worked but on reboot,
apperantly I did something wrong.

I tried adding scsi-hostadapter sbp2 to modules.conf but to no avail.
*actually using an underscore between scsi and hostadapter but cant find it
on this layout now.

That is the only solution I could find on google and that was for an earlier

There was another entry that needed to be there but already was.

basically the only thing I remember changing was running

mknod -m 666 /dev/dv1394 c 171 32

as shown at http://www.linux1394.org/dv1394.php

which actually wasn&t why kino export wasnt working.  I   just needed to
modify Kino's Preferences/IEEE 1394/DV Export/dv1394 device field

anyway, I deleted /dev/dv139but that didn&t help either


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