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Re: chkrootkit - suspicious files question

Perl-5.8.6 is from the development repo and is part of FC4-test1. Are you running FC4-test1 or did you mess up your system by enabling the development repo?

I did a clean install of FC3, added all of the multimedia goodies and just recently braved installing FC4T1. The first holdback on installing FC4T1 was with not being able to do a clean install with only 256 MB of memory. I later bought an additional 512 MB of memory, then it would install. Since FC4T1 was not installable without installing FC3 first, this is what I attempted. FC4T1 still would not upgrade with FC3 fully updated and bailed out after only installing a few packages.
Expect FC4T1 to be more memory hungry than FC3 is.

I'm running FC4T1 intentionally.



If it's not in the computer, it doesn't exist.

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