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Re: SpamAssassin acting as a filter for /another/ mail server.

Am Mo, den 04.04.2005 schrieb Julian Underwood um 3:24:

> > > I want to set up the same box, except would like it to do the following:
> > > forward all legitimate mail to a box on the LAN, and forward all SPAM,
> > > viruses to the same box but to SPAM domain com   I'm sure this is an
> > > easy thing to do, but I'm not sure /where/ to do it.  Do I configure
> > > this forwarding in sendmail or MIMEDefang?  So basically the box would
> > > act as a filter.

> The idea is to filter the mail on a linux box then send it over to the
> (ugh...;-) Microsoft Exchange Server.  I'll look into procmail,
> thanks...

> Julian

Simply use MimeDefang as you have it already running. What you want is
very easy to setup, no need to let an LDA like Procmail interfere:



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