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OpenOffice.org 2.0 packages for FC3?

I realize this is unlikely considering the status of GCJ in FC3, but I
guess it does not hurt to ask: are there plans to provide OpenOffice.org
2.0 RPMs as updates to FC3?

We are using OOo on a number of FC3 desktops, and I'd be interested in
upgrading to OOo 2.0 when it is released and still have OOo installed
locally as a RPM. We cannot do a wholesale upgrade to FC4. /opt is on
NFS on all machines, so vanilla 2.0 could always go there, but then the
users would likely have to learn about one version in /opt and another
in /usr (and the default FC Gnome panel etc.). Updating the local RPM
would be much better. 

I tried installing the OOo packages from the development stream with
yum, which, of course, pulled in GCC 4 et al. with it. That version of
OOo seemed very unstable (Impress crashed almost immediately, whatever I
tried to do with it). I don't know whether that was because it is a beta
or because I was running FC4 development packages on FC3.

Are the release version packages from openoffice.org itself going to be
RPMs? The current beta ones are a bit odd, with the many 'core' RPMs and
files going in /opt. I guess the FC3 OOo RPMs could be replaced with
those, anyway, and the Sun JRE also be installed as a RPM.


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