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Re: Connect linux PC to linux PC

The elder gods, manifesting through jim lawrence, recently decreed:
> I have read a ton of posts about networking windows to linux and vice
> versa.
> I have a notebook with FC3 I have a desktop with FC3   both resid eon
> the same sub-net
> I have a foder on the desktop i would like to transfer file to from my
> Notebook.  How can I accomplish this feat? What info would you
> require? is it simple as mounting the drive on that pc? will i get
> read/write access?

NFS will work for this purpose, or you could just use FTP or SCP to copy
the files from one computer to another.

I'll also mention that Samba is a perfectly good candidate for this sort
of task; if the Linux drive in question is already shared to Windows
computers, then mounting it on another computer is as simple as smbmount.

Richard S. Crawford (AIM: Buffalo2K)
http://www.mossroot.com   http://www.stonegoose.com/catseyeview
"We live as though the world were how it should be,
to show it what it can be."
--"Angel", Season 4 ep. 1

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