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Re: Connect linux PC to linux PC

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Richard S. Crawford wrote:

|>I have a foder on the desktop i would like to transfer file to from my
|>Notebook.  How can I accomplish this feat? What info would you

| NFS will work for this purpose, or you could just use FTP or SCP to copy

Forget everything else, use scp.

scp username hostname:/path/to/things localdestinationpath

to copy the remote file to the local PC


scp localdestinationpath username hostname:/path/to/things

to copy the local file to the remote PC

If you have KDE on your notebook or desktop, you can use the ultra-cool fish:// protocol to view and drag and drop files from the remote PC using ssh so it is all encrypted.

For example, in konqueror

fish://username hostname/path/to/things

Will, after getting a password from you, show you the directory listing
of /path/to/things on the remote computer hostname, with you "logged in"
on the remote computer as "username".

That directory listing follows all the same semantics as a local
directory listing, you can delete files (according to the privs owned by
the username you "logged in" with on the fish:// line) drag and drop and
so on.

It doesn't need KDE on the remote computer either, so you can get all
these convenient powers of management in local konqueror even on a
headless server in another country.  Really cool!

- -Andy
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