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Re: FC 4, test cycles, etc.

Leaf said:
> I am about to change my machines and will need to install an OS from
> scratch. I am interested in jumping into FC 4 but I would like to know how
> upgrading through the test cycles is handled and once FC 4 becomes
> finalized if I would be able to just move into the official realease
> without much problems OR if fresh installs between phases is the
> acceptable, headache-free norm?

This is really a better question for the fedora-test-list.

Upgrades between test releases _may_ work (and you get to keep all the
pieces if they don't).  Ditto with upgrading any test to the final.  There
is just too much change going on too rapidly to make sure they work.  All
the upgrade testing should be focused on upgrading from FC3 -> FC4testX.

If you want to test, by all means install a test release, but don't be
surprised when (not if) something breaks.  If you want "headache-free"
stick with the official releases.

William Hooper

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