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Re: Anoying Peter Whalley Spam messages.

On Apr 4, 2005 3:29 PM, Aleksandar Milivojevic <amilivojevic pbl ca> wrote:
> The question is how many legitimate messages you lost in past years,
> because people who sent them were not willing to respond to your
> chalanges?

ZERO. And I can be sure of that because my system generates daily
reports of messages that were not confirmed. EVERY single message that
TMDA sent a challenge for that was not responded to was spam. Besides,
I am talking about a personal mail account. I'm not defending a
business address with TMDA, in which case I should be concerned about
losing a sale because I don't hear from someone.

Anyone I send mail to is automatically on my whitelist, and my
whitelist is maintainable, so that if I know I am expecting mail from
a particular domain or address, I can add them to my whitelist so they
don't have to worry about being challenged. If a friend or co-worker
creates a new e-mail address and wants to send me personal mail from
that one, they will get a challenge message and they accept the
challenge. This may only happen a FEW times in a whole year. I have
NEVER had anyone complain about it... in fact I have had other people
ask me to set the same thing up on their account.

> TMDA anoys people.  Period.  Even if they reply to chanlenges, most of
> them are anoyed they had to jump through the loops in order to
> communicate with you.  The fact you don't know they are anoyed (or don't
> care to know) doesn't mean they are not anoyed.

How many forums or mailing list have you subscribed to where you are
then sent an e-mail to confirm that you truly intended to subscribe to
their service? How many times did you refuse to respond because you
had to jump through hoops?

But that is not even relevant...

You are turning my post into a TMDA Flame thread. My post has nothing
to with taking a stand for or against TMDA. This thread should NOT
turn into that. My post was simply to state that if people are going
to use systems to protect their e-mail accounts, then they should use
them in a way that is reponsible, and is not going to interfere with
people or mailing lists, and should avoid wasting bandwidth like Peter
Whalley's system is.

If the company that provided this service to Peter bothered to inform
their subscribers about how to properly use it, then he could have
easily added code to his whitelist to avoid these problems.

Yes, there are people out there that are against challenge/response
(C/R) systems and there are people that are for them...

Aleksander, I respect your opinions and thoughts, but you are taking
this thread in the wrong direction.


Registered Linux User 383030 (since everyone else was doing it 8-)
There are only 10 kinds of people in this world,
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