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Re: FC 3 Install Success! - NOT

Thanks for the suggestions.  I am booting in runlevel 3 and am logging on without the respawning messages.  

After a little more fishing I have found that there are no files/directories installed in /usr or /var (and probably other places) which appears to be why so much (and probably the x11 serv) is broken.

That leaves me with several outstanding key questions:

1] How did the installer leave me with such a screwed up mess?

2] Should I report this as a bug on bugzilla?

3] Are all of the startup messages that are sent to the screen recorded in a file for later viewing? (many of them go by too fast to catch)

4] Any ideas how to figure out which files the installer did not get in place and repair the installation?

5]  I downloaded this distro through the duke site with bittorrent.  Could it be an issue with that particular ISO.  (Yes I did the validation before installing and it checked out, as well as the install process did not complain with any errors)

Appreciate the assistance,

mmecum gmail com

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