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Generating a PCL file from PDF file


I have one last remaining Microsoft function that I would like to
transfer to my Linux system.  Once this is done I will most likely be
able to turn off my Microsoft system or better yet put a Fedora Core $
on it.  

I need to be able to create a PCL file out of a Word, PDF, or other file
type.  What I have done with Windows XP is to  print the file to a PCL
printer like a HP4si.  To Create the PCL file all I have to do is to
check the text file box on the print menu.  When this is done Windows
captures the print stream to a file instead of sending it to the

The reason I need to do this is to create PCL macros that can be
downloaded to a PCL printer.  I am sure there is an easy way to do this
in Fedora Core 3 but I have not figured it out yet.  Your help would be


Greg Ennis

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