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Re: POP3?

Knute Johnson wrote:

I'm setting up a mail server and need a pop3 server (or should I use IMAP) for roaming around with my laptop. I looked at dovecot but I think that is more for IMAP. I want a server that can use SASL (or something similar) for the login. I'm running XP on my laptop and using Pegasus for my mail client.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


I would recommend courier-imap / courier-pop3d / courier-imaps / courier-pop3ds

Dovecot is fine for small networks I find (use at home network), however for large loads (and in a multi-user environment, where quality is important) would use courier, note, courier dirs not compatible with dovecot (went to change to see ... and was unable, but after further testing decided against it anyway).

I would advise IMAP over pop....much nicer :)
Although if on slow connections, pop can be handy

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