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Re: Q re dosemu

On Monday 04 April 2005 22:49, Claude Jones wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>Is there a list to take dosemu questions to?  We have a situation
>>where we can 'cat' the port and see good data scrolling by in the
>>shell once setup with stty, but neither the target program we need
>> to make run, nor QModem can see the data that we can see going by
>> in the blinking of the led's on our rs-232 sniffer.
>>To me, this is a dosemu issue.
>Dosemu home: http://www.dosemu.org/
>Dosemu maillist: linux-msdos vger kernel org
>This is not a heavy traffic list, but there are a few helpful folks
> over there - not me - I'm still a learner.
>I do have ProComm running inside a Dosemu box, so it CAN work....

Now if we just had a copy of Procomm.  Thats a much more capable 
proggy IIRC than QModem ever was.

I did find the site, and I'm now subscribed, with one reply that may 
bear fruit eventually.  Thanks.

>Claude Jones
>Bluemont, VA, USA

Cheers, Gene
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