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Re: Fedora core 3 install

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Keith Brentson wrote:
| Hello,
| I have just installed Fedora Core 3 on a Dell Inspiron
| 8600.  The Install seemed to go well until the first
| boot up. The system froze when it was trying to bring
| eth-0 up.  It did this several times. I have the newer
| version of the dell Inspiron 8600 with a Broadcom 440x
| integrated network controller.  I also have the ATI
| Mobility Radeon 9600 pro turbo.
| I am a complete Linux Newbie, and some of the
| explanations I've seen are definitely over my head.  I
| would appreciate if I could get some help, or be
| directed to a help source suitable to my level.

I have a "similar" setup on an Inspiron 5150 with Broadcom 4401 Ethernet
~ and it is working fine.  Two ideas spring to mind, both wondering if
the problem is to do with the Interrupt associated with the Ethernet
controller and ACPI.

1) See if Dell have a BIOS update, and install it if so (The only way I
found to do so was to create a bootable CD that contains the Windows 98
recovery floppy image, since there is no floppy on my machine - thanks Dell)

2) If that doesn't fix it, at the grub display type 'a' for append IIRC,
and add the word "noacpi" to the kernel command line and see if that
makes any difference.

- -Andy
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