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Sendmail & Cyrus-imapd

Hi folks, I'm starting my first jump into working with a Linux mail
server. So far from what I have read I need sendmail for SMTP and some
other service for POP/IMAP. From what I see the thing to use with
fedora is Cyrus-imapd. My goal is to run a mail server for a handful
of people in a non mission critical environment that can be accessed
by outlook/thunderbird, etc.. A learning experience mainly.

I have found this by searching the list:

Can anyone suggest links to online reading I can use for this new
mission I am on?

By the way, in one piece of documentation I was reading for Cyrus
there was mention of accessing the /etc/inetd.conf file. However on my
FC3 install that is no where to be seen. Is it something I need to
create or perhaps my reading  material was outdated?


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