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Re: Redhat on HP rugged tablet pc tr3000

have a look at


got lots of info on various tablets and supported linuxes. as for the keyboard there are also packages such as 'xvkbd' that you can look at.



vizion ixpres com wrote:

As I have not received any repoly I just wondered if I had posted this
question to the right list -- can anyone help?

Well that is a fairly seldom encountered piece of HW (which I lust
after) so... try it and see it justworks(tm) otherwise restore to
original state... Inquiring minds want to know.

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The key issue is the ability to use the on screen tablet -- I suppose I
could use an external USB key board. This HW is in use on my boat and
carries essential navigation software -- so I need to proceed cautiously.
Does anyone have any code sources for managing the touch screen tablet


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