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Re: imap client issues

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 19:25 +0000, Michael A. Peters wrote:
> Set up dovecot -
> fetchmail --> procmail --> Maildir
> I can't use it for smtp because a lot of mail hosts (rightly so, to  
> fight spam) will not accept my mail unless I use my ISP smtp server.
> Eudora - after telling it to accept the certificate can read mail. Can  
> not send - my smtp requires a password, which happens to be different  
> than the password I am using on the dovecot box. No way I can find to  
> specify that password to Eudora.
> Evolution - can read the mail just fine, but seems to have same problem  
> as Eudora, it seems to assume the check password is same as smtp  
> password.
> Balsa, my client of choice - does allow different password for checking  
> and sending, but it seems unable to check my mail (balsa 2.2.5) - I  
> suspect because of the ssl certificate on the dovecot box.
> I *really* don't want to use the same password on the dovecot box that  
> I use with my pop account, I am forwarding logs and other info to the  
> dovecot imap server so I can read them from wherever, and my smtp  
> password is the same as what fetchmail uses to pop the account, so if  
> they sniff that and its the same as what I use to log into the imap  
> server, sensitive info could be read.
> Any way to make evolution use a different password for smtp  
> authentication? Any way to tell balsa the ssl certificate is OK?

Curious. I wouldn't know how to configure it so that it *didn't* require
you to enter the passwords separately.

In the current FC3 version of Evolution (2.0.4), in the account
configuration setup, the POP/IMAP configuration is set in the "Receiving
Mail" tab, and the SMTP configuration is set in the "Sending Mail" tab.
Completely separate?

> As far as Eudora goes, I'll look for another windows mail client if I  
> can't find a solution for that (on a different resource)

Last time I tried Eudora was (beta) and there was no way to use
different SMTP & POP passwords there. No idea if things have improved
since then.

Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org>

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