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Re: I just want one more option in the FC Kernels

On Apr 5, 2005 9:52 PM, Parameshwara Bhat <pbhat ongc net> wrote:
> Hello List,
> My BIOS has 34 GB limit for hard-disks and I want the option
> IDE_DISK_STROKE set in kernel.Standard FC kernels do not have this set.So,
> I cannot access my data partition on second hard-disc.
> I want to know is there any shortcut to full-fledged recompilation of
> kernel to set this parameter in kernel.
> Thanks in advance
> Parameshwara Bhat

Several questions come to mind:

1. Why should Fedora Core restrict all users to the 32 GB limit of an old BIOS?

2. All Linux distros provide the kernel source. Why can't you compile
your own kernel with this parameter set to whatever value you desire?

3. Have you searched for an updated or patched BIOS for your system
that does not have the 32 GB limit?

4. If your BIOS has a 32 GB limit how did data get onto the second
hard drive which I assume has a capacity in excess of 32 GB?

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