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Re: Fedoraforum.org is now official?

On Tue, 2005-04-05 at 22:07 -0400, David Curry wrote:

> I too have been considering a change to an alternative linux.   Fedora 
> Core development schedules are simply too fast for many endusers.  The 
> primary reason I have stuck with Red Hat as long as I have is because it 
> has been relatively easy to do so and there was little to nothing to 
> gain from switching.  But, the vague impressions I have about FC4 are 
> not particularly attractive to me as an unsophisticated, technical 
> neophyte enduser.
just a thought on this

I use CentOS (previously Whitebox) on servers. Gives you a five year
life and all that is good with RHEL/Fedora too. Dag repo, leverage of
Fedora knowledge/utility.

I use Fedora on my desktop - that way, I can keep close to cutting edge
on my desktop.

I figure I have the best of all worlds.

Forums are a good idea too. Some people like them. Some people like mail
lists. Something for everybody


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