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NFS problems

Um, what changed recently? I just did a full rpm update on three machines running FC3 (the last update was done last week.) Suddenly I can't mount a particular storage server:

mount to NFS server 'storage' failed: server is down.

The server isn't down. I can use any machine on the network (that's not running FC3) and mount the storage server just fine. The three problem servers can also mount anything else on the network, EXCEPT the storage one. They can ping it just fine, so why can't they mount it? The last time they were able to mount the storage server was last night when I performed the rpm updates. After the reboot, they can no longer do that.

I've rebooted the machines, I've rebooted the storage server, I've checked other possible problem spots (no iptables, no SELinux,) I tried adding 'nfsvers=2' to my command line, nothing ... so, what changed? What could be the problem?

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