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Re: Security question

On 5 Apr 2005, at 15:05, Sasa Stupar wrote:


I want to hear your opinion on the following net configurations:
1. cablemodem -> router -> server in DMZ
				-> LAN users
2. cablemodem -> router/server -> LAN users

Which one is more secure and what are the risks on each one?


a) What kind of server are we talking of?

b) assuming it's a web- /mailserver, i would prefer version 1.
Is this a SOHO-installation with a small SOHO-Router? Be careful, as many
of them indicate a DMZ in the meaning, that they just forward all
incoming ports to a local machine (except the request from your lan of
course), but the server often has just his own local protection, as they
often exclude firewalling for DMZ-Computers

c) i would never use a web- or mailserver as additional router to surf.
Advantage here: you would have the chance to install squid on it.


Yes, it is a web/mail/samba server. For router I am thinking to use Smoothwall with three NIC's.

A Samba server in the DMZ? Why?

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