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Re: xinetd.d listening twice on port 69

Andy Green wrote:

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Mark Sargent wrote:

| [root localhost tftp]# cat /etc/xinetd.conf ... | service tftp | { | socket_type = dgram | protocol = udp | wait = yes | user = root | server = /usr/bin/tftp | server_args = -c -s /tftpboot | disable = no | per_source = 11 | cps = 100 2 | } | Ok, now, how does that get there..? I certainly didn't put it there. Is | it put there by default by another process..? Cheers.

Shouldn't be. This idea of a directory of config files was invented to
allow optionally present stuff to easily add and remove its personal
config from the main program without having to parse a single master
config file and append / rip bits out of it. It's clear that the tftp
package does generate its /etc/xinetd.d/ tftp file for its config. So
it's hard to understand it would also append its config to the master file.

Anyway, rip out the appended stuff from /etc/xinetd.conf and restart the
xinetd service and I guess you'll be okay.

But I am still bemused by the two listening sockets on the same port
being possible.  Maybe it is some kind of cool load balancing feature I
never heard of.  Can anyone else here explain how it can be?

- -Andy
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Hi All,

it just keeps getting more interesting. Now, with restarting xinetd and confirming only 1 instance of xinetd.d listening on port 69 udp and connecting via the tftp client I keep getting an error when trying to test a put,

tftp> put /home/coolboarderguy/downloads/tftptest /etc/xinetd.d/tftptest
Error code 1: File not found

Now, that file is definitely there,

[root localhost downloads]# ls
acid             cobalt     firmware   packetshaper  snort      tftp
browsers         databases  fonts      plugins       solaris    tftptest
buffalolpc4-clx  emailers   langtools  rescuetools   status     tripwire
chkrootkit       fcheck     linuxntfs  samag         summit     webmin
cisco            firewalls  netscreen  smartswitch   syslog-ng  ZyXEL

I am tired..hehe...any ideas.? Is this just me this time..? Cheers.

Mark Sargent.

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