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Re: Fedoraforum.org is now official?

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Gustavo Seabra wrote:

~ > Last, but not least, the information would be kept concentrated in one
| point. Now, the way it was done,
| (1) people who like to help won't see the problems others are having:
| If fedoraforum is deemed *official*, people with problems are more
| likely to try help there, but less likely to find it, since most
| "helpers" don't like the forum idea;
| (2) The information will be even more scattered and harder to find.
| That means another archive to search, more places where to look for
| the same information, which makes it more difficult to find it.
| Wouldn't it be better to concentrate all official support in one
| place, and then make this one available for all tastes?

Mailing list is working fine for me, but there are no doubt plenty of people who do not want to commit to taking the list and sucking from that firehose going on, just to ask a question on the list, get their answer and then their interest is ended. Visiting a site and then closing their browser window fits that model of use better.

In terms of search, Google is the main way to search, so if both the
forum and the list archives are in Google, that is not going to be too
much of an inconvenience.

There's nothing to stop mailing list traffic getting copied into the
forums, and forum traffic getting autosync'd on to the mailing list.
Then you have a single unified database of posts which is viewable and
contributable to in multiple ways.

Probably Redhat made a reasonable decision going on to move to forums,
looking at the way that Fedora is gradually leaking down into more
mainstream folks who expect that kind of interface and who consider the
idea of committing to taking the (busy) list just to ask a question
pretty demanding.

Hey who knows, maybe on the Forums there will be less of people with
problems being faced with a pointless, contentless reply - for the whole
list to read again and again - complaining about irrelevant nonsense
like top-posting but not actually helping.

- -Andy

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