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Re: FC3 keeps on giving problems

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Tomas Deceuninck wrote:
| I have got a big problem. I have tyed it all but nothing works. I
| donloaded the ISO files, cheked them, buned them (correctly), and when
| I do a mediachek they all fail. Then someone told me I should try the
| "linux nocddma" but that doesn't work eighter then someone told me to
| try the ?linux ide=nodma? and that did not work either. Tell me plz what
| can I
| do

Do you have another Linux machine with a webserver?  What I have taken
to doing is downloading the ISO files, but instead of burning them all,
I burn the first one and transfer all the ISOs to a server here with apache.

Then I do something like this on the server, as root

cd /var/www/html
mkdir iso
mount -o loop FC3-i386-SRPMS-disc1.iso iso

Boot off your first CD but when it asks, tell it to install over http
from your webserver like http://server/iso

Then the install will take everything else from the server over http.
When it asks for the second CD, on the server do this

umount iso
mount -o loop FC3-i386-SRPMS-disc2.iso iso

and a similar deal for the third CD.  The installer doesn't go back to
earlier CDs so it's simple enough.  It's also much much faster than
install from CDs!  At the end

umount iso

on the server and you're done.

- -Andy
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