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Permanently changing startup order?


I just rebooted my server and openldap failed to start, which broke email;
this is because my openldap installation depends on a postgresql database
and postgresql starts later in the bootup sequence.

I realise that there isn't always "one right solution" for everyone when it
comes to bootup order. I am storing my ldap database in postgresql; other
people might use ldap to authenticate to postgresql, so they would require the
current startup order.

So, I fixed it for now (at least, in runlevel 3 - runlevel 5 is never used on this
server) by:

cd /etc/rc3.d
mv S64postgresql S38postgresql

But might not this get broken the next time I upgrade postgresql? And if so, is there
anything I can do about it - short of maintaining my own custom postgresql rpm
and prioritising my own yum repository highest in yum.repos.d?


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