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I've got an FC3 server that has two modems attached to it that were used
by a couple people to dial in to.  This provided them with internet
access.  Until this week I had enough IP addresses that a separate
address was assigned to each serial port and would be assigned to the
dial-up (ppp) client.  Everything worked fine although my brother
actually set up the ppp and I'm not really sure what was involved.

As of this week, I'm on a cheaper circuit without any spare IP
addresses.  The former users all were getting broadband so it wasn't
suppose to matter but my parents order for broadband is taking longer
than expected.  I'd like to give them their ppp back until Verizon gets
things set up but don't know how to set it up so that dhcp can assign a
private IP address to the modem.  Can anyone here point me to
documentation that will help me with this?

I've configured a simple DHCP server before but it didn't involve ppp
and I don't really know where to start.  Any help you can provide would
be greatly appreciated.


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