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Re: Sound on Asus A7N8X not working

Kevin wrote:
--- Robin Laing <Robin Laing drdc-rddc gc ca> wrote:

Allen Wayne Best wrote:

I am attempting to get the sound working on my

system, of the following:

Asus 87N8X-E motherboard
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
1.5 GBytes memory

I don't know if FC3 requires the nVidia driver for
sound to work. I installed the nVidia driver from nVidia and all
worked well FC1 with alsa. As stated by others, check the volume
settings with the alsa mixer.

I have to turn mine up after any reboot.

Robin Laing

Dump it and get a seperate (off-board) sound card!  I
just put an old Monstersound 3d in my FC2, and it is
amazing, I've never had such good sound, even Return
to Castle Wolfenstein now works!


Now if I could just get winex to run :(

Why? My sound card works great with anything I have tried. 5 channel sound that is better than my home stereo (old stereo that it). I have no issues at all. I cannot think of a single application that doesn't work. Once I installed the nVidia drivers all was well. The nVidia drivers were for the network ports as well.

I update my FC1 to ALSA and love it.

I am waiting for FC4 before I do an upgrade. I just haven't had time to move to FC2 or FC3.

Robin Laing

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