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Re: SW RAID 1 (install) problem on FC3

Am Mi, den 06.04.2005 schrieb Mark um 19:42:

> I had them running over night, more than 12 hours, but it's still running.

That sounds much too much time. Although, Brian made a good argument. 2
IDE hard drives on 1 controller have a very sub-optimal performance as
always only 1 drive can send data over the wire (master / slave
configuration). If any possible you should avoid that setup.

> But the point is: there is nothing on there, it's a fresh install. There should not be a sync
> in the first place, especially not
> right after formatting them... Isn't strange?

Not strange, but normal. The sync of the RAID array drives after the
initial install has to happen.


I recently installed a new server with a software RAID1 of  ~200 GB (2
fast SATA drives) and the initial sync took about 60 minutes with sync
rates between 60 MB/sec and 48 MB/sec. I did let it run and made a pause
to not interfere it with other install and configuration tasks. On
console I observed it with:

watch -n 60 cat /proc/mdstat


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