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Re: SW RAID 1 (install) problem on FC3

Am Mi, den 06.04.2005 schrieb Mark um 20:41:

> Thanks, I will try putting them on different controller ports.
> Problem is that I then have to put the HD and CDROM together on one controller, but I'll see how that turns out...
> Guess it can only get better - or not work at all any more

Don't top-post please - at least strip the quotation to the necessary

I don't see why you think the problem would be putting the hard drive
and the CDROM on the same controller. It is no problem. The IDE bus
handles the different speeds properly itself and the CDROM does not
constantly slow down the transfer rate for the hard drive. I even would
imagine that the CDROM is used only rarely compared with the hard drive
being part of a RAID1 array.


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