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Change HTTP Host: Header

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Dear all,

Is there any easy way to change the HTTP Host: header from the client
side? My Uni. Intranet is using IIS 5.0 which apparently is doing some
filtering based on the "Host:" header. As a result I can't use the old
trick of just SSH tunneling to the site. If I try to use the tunnel, the
"Host:" line shows up as "localhost" on the request to the server and
hence is redirected to some page that says there is no server here.

Right now, the only trick I can pull is to set my hostname to the name
of the server and add " 	server_name" to /etc/hosts and then
then use the SSH tunnel. Then I can just goto http://server_name and it
works since "Host:" is now "server_name". This is painful however since
GNOME doesn't seem to handle the hostname change particularly well ... I
have to logout and login after every change.

I've tried digging on Google but most of the information pertain to
servers not clients .. so .. my question is .. can I masquerade my HTTP
"host:" header?

Looking forward to your expert opinion,
- -M
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