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RE: SW RAID 1 (install) problem on FC3

> > Thanks, I will try putting them on different controller ports. Problem 
> > is that I then have to put the HD and CDROM together on one 
> > controller, but I'll see how that turns out... Guess it can only get 
> > better - or not work at all any more
> I don't see why you think the problem would be putting the 
> hard drive and the CDROM on the same controller. It is no 
> problem. The IDE bus handles the different speeds properly 
> itself and the CDROM does not constantly slow down the 
> transfer rate for the hard drive. I even would imagine that 
> the CDROM is used only rarely compared with the hard drive 
> being part of a RAID1 array.
I thought people usually say you should keep HDs and CD-ROMs separate so the CD-ROM does not slow down the HD. But maybe that is not
true for newer systems any more, or it has always been an urban legend...

Anyway, I had problems with the current configuration before, because running only the CDROM on the second controller caused the
machine not to boot unless I used "ide=nodma". That however caused problems with a "lost too many ticks" error.
So I figured mixing HD and CD-ROM would make even more problems than having the CDROM by itself on that controller port.
But I guess I was wrong. I now have both HDs as master on the two IDE ports and the CD-ROM as slave on the secondary IDE and
everything works fine. RAID 1 has normal speed, install ran through at normal speed and I can now even boot without "ide=nodma".

Thanks for the suggestion!


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