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Re: I'm sure this is a silly question

--- "Birt, Jeffrey" <birtj umr edu> wrote:
> I'm sure this is a silly question, but.....
> I have an application that is started by a script in
> .kde/Autostart.
> When this app is started a console window appears,
> if the console window
> is closed the app stops.  I know, duh! (of course
> the same thing happens
> when you launch it manually from a console window)
> (BTW, it's a helper
> app for MetaVNC that handles clipboard functions)
> I'd like to hide this console window.  I know in
> Windows .cmd scripts
> you can use something like, 'start app.exe', which
> starts the
> application and does not bind it to your script; the
> script can continue
> and close and the application launched keeps going. 
> Is there a way to
> do this in Linux?
> Thanks,
> Jeff Birt
> Electronics Engineer
> Integrated Systems Facility
> University of Missouri - Rolla
> 573.341.6058 
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Hi Birt,

This one threw me for ages, I was trying to get the
VNC server running on my desktop but hated the
terminal always there.

As always the answer is simple and obvious, (they are
always the trickiest!).

Open Konqueror, navigate to

Right click in the autostart window space, select:
Create New->File->Link to Application

Give it a name in the first box, in the applet
Application, enter the command with the full path or
alternatively click on browse and look for it that

Hope this helps, regards.......KEv :)

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