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Re: Connect linux PC to linux PC

On Mon, 2005-04-04 at 14:34 -0400, jim lawrence wrote:
> Nope this Desktop PC is 100% pure FC3 No more MS in my House (yes my
> wife a convert)
> I proud of her :) 
> Or is their a way to do this throught Naultilus ?

Sorry for my belated reply.  You probably already have got this working
via ssh but here goes. :)

Yes you can do this two different ways with Nautilus

Simple way

type network:// in the address bar window and everything that is shared
out will show up.  Just browse from there like you would Network
Neighborhood in That Operating System That Must Not Be Spoke Of.

Slightly more complicated way

>From Nautilus go to File> Connect To Server.  For service type: choose
FTP SSH SAMBA or whatever. Then fill in the boxes with the proper
information and viola, you have a nautilus window connected to the PC
and an Icon on the desktop.  If I remember correctly

Just FYI


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