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Re: Fedoraforum.org is now official?

Kam Leo said:
> On Apr 6, 2005 5:07 PM, William Hooper <whooperhsd3 earthlink net> wrote:
>> Kam Leo said:
>> [snip]
>>> Why are you guys bickering over this?  Time will prove which venue is
>>>  better.  If fedoraforums.org does not get technical support from
>>> list members, Red Hat will be required to provide support personnel
>>> (creates
>>> more jobs, good for economy).
>> Fedora is an unsupported product.  Red Hat isn't paying _anyone_ to
>> directly provide support for Fedora.
>> --
>> William Hooper
> I am familiar with the Red Hat to Fedora Core transition. FC is a way
> for Red Hat to remain in the desktop market and perform beta testing for EL
> on the cheap; i.e use volunteers for support and testing.  If there is no
> one to step up to the plate for fedoraforum.org what are they going to do?

You seem to be operating on the mistaken assumption that fedoraforum.org
is starting from scratch with no members.  The forum has been operating
fine for a while now with it's own community.

Nothing has changed other than the forums going from "unofficial" to
"official".  People that prefer mailing lists will stay on the mailing
lists and people that prefer forums with stay on the forums.

William Hooper

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