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Re: bind problem

----- Original Message ----- From: "Paul Howarth" <paul city-fan org>
To: "For users of Fedora Core releases" <fedora-list redhat com>
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2005 8:12 PM
Subject: Re: bind problem

List wrote:
Weird. I have the zone entry for anonns.com binding to advanced.anonns.com as follows:-

;Begin of file anonns.com
$TTL 86400
@       IN      SOA     advanced.anonns.com. postmaster.anonns.com. (
                       86400 )

                               IN      NS          advanced.anonns.com.
                               IN      NS          brilliance.anonns.com.

IN MX 5 advanced.anonns.com.

                                IN      A 
ftp                             IN      A 
mail                           IN      A 
pop                           IN      A 
www                         IN      CNAME       anonns.com.
advanced                   IN      A 
brilliance                    IN      A 

I am getting petty confused.

It's difficult to diagnose the problems from here (both my work and home machines, on completely separate networks) because I'm getting a lot of DNS query timeouts from your servers (brilliance.anonns.com seems to be more reliable at the moment). It may be that it's a network connectivity issue that's underlying your problems. Is it possible for you to get an additional DNS server on a separate network to act as an additional secondary for your domains? Both of your current DNS servers are currently on the same network, which doesn't help reliability.

The file above looks OK, though I'd be tempted to add a line:
$ORIGIN anonns.com.
at the top.

The timeout might be due to the cable in APNC-2.

Quoted Channel Asia News "Some Internet users in Singapore and other parts of Asia may experience some delay when assessing websites hosted outside of Singapore today. This is due to a cable failure in the Asia Pacific Cable Network-2 (APCN-2) reported this morning."

At the present, I do not have a 3rd machine which is on a seperate network. I had added $ORIGIN anonns.com to the file and restarted named. I will layoff for a while. Packing my stuff leaving town for a couple of weeks. Will touch down and get hold of a computer with an internet access in 8 hrs time and check back. By that time, i hope all the caching DNS renew their information.

Thanks alot

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