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Re: Tripwire Install Problems

Mark Sargent wrote:
Hi All,

got the following when trying to run install.sh,


I downloaded the tar.gz from sourceforge as the tar.gz from tripwire's site gives errors when running /usr/sbin/tripwire --init and found this relevant post,

Save yourself some grief and simply download and install Tripwire package from Fedora Extras:


Tripwire source is anything but portable, and needs tweaking almost every time major version of GCC is out. Most likely, stock source will not compile on Fedora. My advice, again, get the RPM package from Fedora Extras, don't waste time on compiling it on your own.

Note that /etc/tripwire/twinstall.sh script is renamed to /usr/sbin/tripwire-setup-keyfiles.

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