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Re: Very Nice for FC3

Il gio, 2005-04-07 alle 13:42, Alexander Apprich ha scritto:
> > 
> Alex
Thanks Alex... But VeryNice is a daemon which make very more than nice:

> ... Unlike most other process re-nice tools, VeryNice is not only
> capable of lowering a CPU bound process's priority (raising the nice
> level), but it is also capable of raising the priority back up when
> the process is no longer heavily using the CPU. It is also
> configurable, so it can detect different users and different programs
> and act accordingly. For example....
>  ...This daemon, in the default configuration will:
>       * renice CPU hungry processes to 'nicer' levels
>       * renice multimedia applications to 'less nice' levels. 
>       * renice, and eventually kill, particular applications that have
>         been known to die and eat CPU: netscape, Fvwm, xfig, and gimp.
>       * Allow central and per-user configurations. 

My question is: I must continue to use verynice or in FC3 is included 
something of similar to use?


Dario Lesca <d lesca solinos it>

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