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Re: bind problem

Paul Howarth wrote:

Since you say you are "trying to bind it to advanced.anonns.com", it seems that you may be aware of this problem and are trying to work around it. To do this you would need to remove "brilliance.anonns.com" as one of the listed nameservers for your domain at your domain registry. However, that would leave you with only one delegated nameserver, which is not a great idea anyway from a reliability point of view, and that nameserver is in the domain anonns.com, which has its own DNS problems (brilliance.anonns.com is also a listed nameserver for the anonns.com domain). I would suggest instead that you moved your DNS hosting elsewhere, perhaps even hosting it yourself if you have a suitable machine with a reliable 24/7 connection, and then using an external service for secondary DNS.

Well, he is hosting them himself. It seems that at the time DNS servers for top-level com domain have both NS records and matching A records (hints) for anonns.com domian. However, I can't see any NS records for dwsmedia.info domain in DNS servers for top level info domain. He should contact his registrar about that. Some registrars allow you to setup/change those using web interface. Could it be that OP forgot to do that?

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