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Re: Apache problems on FC3?

On Apr 7, 2005 12:51 PM, Matthew Benjamin <msbenjamin fedex com> wrote:
> Has anyone noticed the inability to run cgi or Perl scripts successfully
> via a web page hosted by Apache on FC3. Example: I have a script that
> ultimately creates a file on the server and stores it in a directory
> however I am unable to accomplish this. I have set the permissions to
> 755 775 and 777 to no avail. It works fine on my FC1 server, any ideas?

Perhaps the problem is not that you are having permission problems
with getting the script to execute, but that you might have permission
problems writing the file. What directory are you trying to save the
file in?
What are the permissions on that directory?
Who owns that directory?
Do you have SELinux enabled?


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