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Re: printing to Novell printer from Fedora 2

If you have a NetWare account and given the proper rights, you can use Novell NetWare (NCP) settings - requires you to know the name of the server (servername.something.com), username, queue (print queue name), and your password.  I believe this is for Novell version 5.x or better, but maybe it's possible if using 4.11).
If using JetDirect, than all you need is the JetDirect IP address or DNS name (verify if default port 9100 is blocked, or has been redirected).

Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists uni-x org> wrote:
Am Do, den 07.04.2005 schrieb Olga Urban um 20:26:

> > "Novell printer" is not very specific. You will have to tell us how it
> > is really configured. Current Novell uses IPP, very old Novell used
> > bindary objects.
> >
> I do not know how it is set up. I assume it is a new configuration. Is
> printing through Novell queue the only option, or can I print to that
> printer using its IP/MAC address somehow? It's HP LaserJet 8100.

At least the printer is a modern model. So I assume Novell is >= version
6. You can simply add the printer to Fedora as IPP and the location is


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