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creating filesystem on huge disks


I was wondering if someone could advice on how to create an (ext3) filesystem on a huge disk (by current measures). The disk is actually a hardware RAID, so it presents itself as /dev/sdb and is about 1.4TB big. I created one big partition (/dev/sdb1) with fdisk and was trying to create an ext3 filesystem afterwards (simply running mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1). The problem is that after a while, the "Writing inode tables: ..." slowed down to a crawl and now it's about 0.8% (!) through with inode creation and has been running for about 4 hours. It looks like this is not the way to go. Is ext3 not scaling well for such big partitions? Should I use a different filesystem? Or should I specify some switches for mkfs.ext3? Also, maybe this is not how one should go about it - maybe I need to create several partitions and merge them somehow (LVM?). This is actually happening on RHEL3 but I guess I'd come across the same problem on FC3.
Any help appreciated!


Viktor Hornak
SUNY at Stony Brook

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