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Re: printing to Novell printer from Fedora 2

What version of NetWare are you using, and are you
using NDPS or old queue-base setup?  When you say
print queue - do you mean the local CUPS queue?

Just an aside F.Y.I.:
1). If using NetWare 5.x, use ConsoleOne.
2). If using NWADMIN and using NDPS, to stop NWADMIN
from crashing, add this parameter to your shortcut:
<path>\nwadmn32.exe /DISABLETLSMGR

--- Olga Urban <olga urbantimes net> wrote:
> On Thu, 2005-04-07 at 14:06, Pat Pleate wrote:
> > If you have a NetWare account and given the proper
> rights, you can use
> > Novell NetWare (NCP) settings - requires you to
> know the name of the
> > server (servername.something.com), username, queue
> (print queue name),
> > and your password.  I believe this is for Novell
> version 5.x or
> > better, but maybe it's possible if using 4.11).
> >  
> This is exactly what I have done and the jobs just
> sit in the print
> queue. In nwadmn I am not able to see these jobs at
> all.
> > If using JetDirect, than all you need is the
> JetDirect IP address or
> > DNS name (verify if default port 9100 is blocked,
> or has been
> > redirected).
> > 
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