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Re: Dual boot FC3 32bit and FC3 64

Michael Krages wrote:

I’ve a requirement to dual boot between FC3 32 bit and FC3 64. I’m running with dual Opteron 248s and TYAN S2895 on a 3Ware S9500-8 raid with 3 drives in raid 5. I’m somewhat new with this and would like to know if this is doable. We were able to load both versions without any noticeable errors. But the system refuses to boot. Any thoughts or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



Any error messages? Usually the dual boot is simple to set up... install both versions, check grub.conf to see if there are entries for each one and check that the labels referenced in grub.conf and fstab (of both installs) are pointing to the right device ( sometimes removing the labels may be a good choice , but I only change the labels to something like /fc32 and /fc64 , for example , and change the refences on grub and fstab)

Pedro Macedo

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