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Re: K3B on Gnome - Fonts too big

spmirowski wrote:

I am running K3B on Gnome (FC3) and the program font
sizes are too big.  In fact, some windows don't even fit on
the screen (800x600).  Is there a way of changing the font
sizes without installing the rest of KDE?


What screen resolution settings are you using for your system? Do you experience oversize windows/fonts with any other applications? In my experience, an oversize font issue rarely applies to a single application and I have not seen any situations where a problem of overlarge windows could be resolved without changing overall system display resolution.

K3b works fine on my FC2 system running a Gnome desktop. However, my display settings show a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 with thousands of colors.

My resolution is 800x600. My fonts are size 8 all through gnome font panel. K3B fonts program fonts seem to be independent of gnome. I figure they must be controlled by KDE config files or K3B files. I have not seen any options in the K3B config panels to change fonts sizes. This was the same in FC2. The fonts in the program are so large on that resolution, that the program is barely worth using =P

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