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Re: screen flashing to black every several seconds


I had this problem too. The screen would just black
out mysteriously and then return again, without any
seeming rhyme or reason. Nothing else seemed to be
affected, except my nerves. I had just gotten the
fantastic KDE-3.4 for Redhat from
kde-redhat.sourceforge.net installed, and then this. I
began to blame kde-redhat and myself, for having
risked the installation, but the lure of finally
getting everything working like it should was too
great. I was wrong... KDE for Redhat is the best!
Anyway, back to the solution I found.

The problem seemed to be dpms. Go into KDE Control
Centre and disable dpms under
Peripherals/Display/Power Control. This seems to do it
just fine. I have never had the problem again. If you
are using another window manager, and just to be on
the safe side, put a '#' in front of the line "Option
dpms" in the monitor section of your
/etc/X11/xorg.conf file.

I read through the thread and somewhere noticed
mention of nvidia. I am not sure whether you have an
nvidia display adaptor (I have), but the nvidia driver
README.txt says that DPMS is experimental and not
fully supported. So far, they have only implemented
the most rudimentary functions, like screen blanking.
And who wants that, with the beautiful X

I hope this helps. Sorry my 2¢ have taken so long,
but I just joined this list.


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