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Re: Attn : Dave Jones Re: I just want one more option in the FC Kernels (Dave Jones)

Dave Jones wrote:

Rerolling an ISO has a number of problems. From increased load on
mirrors, to issues like the installer needing to be updated for
each release, additional testing etc.

It's not as simple as 'run some script, and out pops a new iso'.

Given FC releases are supposed to be every 6 months or so, it's
really not worth the pain to do intermediate releases.


Dave, a couple of sites on the web purport to describe methodologies for rebuilding Fedora Core installation CDs with original release rpms updated/replaced by update packages. I have seen these step by step instructions for Fedora Core 2 and Fedora Core 3 releases, but haven't tried them.

Assuming that the step by step instructions actually produce an updated Fedora Core 3 distribution iso set, and such an updated set of iso was made available to the Fedora Project, is there any chance that they would be made available for download ? That would seemingly save some bandwidth by forestalling further downloading of the original isos and subsequent previously released updates by everyone that installs Fedora Core 3 now.

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