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samba as BDC

Hey friends,

I want to configure samba as BDC means the users from windows machines
should be able to access their home directories without requiring any
kind of password for Samba server.

Means if the user john is logged into any windows machine and if he
tries toa ccess the samba server he should be able to get his home
directory .

I make some changes in the smb.conf with security=domain and password
= server1.sunupdelhi.net and I also successfully joined the domain
also with

net rpc join member -U administrator -W sunupdelhi.net -S server1

But when i try to access the samba share from the windows I am not
able to access it.

I am attaching my smb.conf file.

I have not commented out smbpasswd and smbusers in the smb.conf.

There is no smbpasswd file in the /etc/samba directory.

Please tell me how to do this.

Thanks & Regards

Ankush Grover

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