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Re: Questions concerning Security Log

On Apr 8, 2005 10:57 AM, Paul Howarth <paul city-fan org> wrote:
> What do you get for:
> $ rpm -qa | grep openssh

This time I got:

As the $ suggested, I did it as user, not root.

> If you're not currently using ssh you could turn it off until such time
> as you're going to start using it:
> # service sshd stop
> # chkconfig sshd off

OK, I stopped ssh for now. When I did service sshd stop I got output,
but when I did chkconfig sshd off I got none. Is this supposed to
return any output?

Paul, and everybody else, thank you for helping me. Now that ssh is
off for the time being, I'm not so worried and I'll learn to secure it
with iptables before I enable it.

Dotan Cohen


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