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Re: SCSI tape drive with redhat7.3

Shu Hung (Koala) wrote:
I was trying to install a tape drive to a redhat 7.3 server
I first installed a adaptec 29160 to the server

After reboot, I found that the SCSI card is not loaded up.
Then I tried to loaded the SCSI card by loading the module:
# insmod st
Using /lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o
/lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o: unresolved symbol scsi_do_req_Rc63a25cd
/lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o: unresolved symbol scsi_release_request_R24c82c84
/lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o: unresolved symbol scsi_unregister_module_R81d85a75
/lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o: unresolved symbol scsi_allocate_request_Rc98f2cf6
/lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o: unresolved symbol scsi_ioctl_R0f323a99
/lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o: unresolved symbol scsi_block_when_processing_errors_R3cfd083e
/lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o: unresolved symbol scsi_register_module_Rfa20b7b0
/lib/modules/2.4.18-3/kernel/drivers/scsi/st.o: unresolved symbol print_req_sense_Raed78ab9
What is the problem?

You're using "insmod" instead of "modprobe" and hence not loading the modules that the "st" module itself depends on.

Moreover, the "st" module is for handling SCSI tapes but you'll also need to load the appropriate module for your SCSI card itself; not sure if that's aic79xx or aic7xxx.

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